Have been launched new products of PT Sinarmas Asset Management which are Simas Saham Unggulan Mutual Funds (Equity) and Simas Satu Prima Mutual Funds (Balanced). Let joint with us and own these new products now.

About Us

PT Sinarmas Asset Management, is a subsidiary company of PT Sinarmas Sekuritas, one of leading security company and having experience in the field of Indonesian capital market more than 23 years. PT Sinarmas Asset Management was established since 9 April 2012 with license of Capital Market Supervisory Board and Financial Institution (Bapepam-LK) No. KEP-03/BL/MI/2012 constituting a splitting of Asset Management division previously in PT. Sinarmas Sekuritas. PT Sinarmas Asset Management focuses at professional and prudent asset management and provides the best service to its customers.

PT. Sinarmas Asset Management provides various investment product services such as Mutual Fund of Stock, Mix, Fixed Income and Money Market and also product of Exclusive Fund Discretionary.

Business Sector

 •   Mutual Fund
 •   Fund Management Contract

Board of Commissioners

 •   Doddy Susanto
 •   Howen Widjaja

Board of Directors

 •   Hermawan Hosein
 •   Alex Setyawan WK


Daily NAV

Last Update : 16/4/2014

Money Market Mutual Fund
Danamas Rupiah Plus
NAV Return 1 Year
1,062.3729 4.805 %
Fixed Income Mutual Fund
Danamas Stabil
NAV Return 1 Year
2,394.3676 7.06 %
Simas Danamas Mantap Plus
NAV Return 1 Year
1,830.7050 7.1 %
Danamas Dollar
NAV Return 1 Year
1.50231 4.87 %
Simas Danamas Instrumen Negara
NAV Return 1 Year
1,429.3061 1.62 %
Balanced Mutual Fund
Simas Satu
NAV Return 1 Year
5,340.9660 3.25 %
Danamas Fleksi
NAV Return 1 Year
2,815.5944 7.24 %
Simas Satu Prima
NAV Return 1 Year
1,165.2780 4.88 %
Equity Mutual Fund
Simas Danamas Saham
NAV Return 1 Year
1,594.7510 -6.45 %
Simas Saham Unggulan
NAV Return 1 Year
1,200.2191 8.94 %

Interest Rate

Last Update : 21/4/2014
 BI Rate 7.500 % 
 LPS USD 1.500 % 
 LPS IDR 7.500 % 
 Deposito 6.520 % 
 SBI 7.126 %